New Starts

Spring is here and I’ve never before done a spring cleaning quite like this. Literally EVERYTHING must go! As we start the transition from our home of the last 5 years here in Westport WA, to the city life in Aberdeen Washington, I am reminiscing of all the good times with great customers. Sad thinking of the people we will miss, along with all the 12oz mochas, 20oz caramel vanilla frappes, and 16oz drip coffees with steamed heavy cream, the feeling of excitement simultaneously sweeps over me as this place starts to clear out. New ‘regulars’, new families, new clients and new ‘reality shows’ of old friends, new friends, boyfriends and girlfriends await to be had at the new shop. Goodbye Westport. You have established our business and have a huge spot in the heart of Tinderbox Coffee Roasters.


Spring: The sky isn’t even awake yet. Sitting here, with my almond milk latte, I can smell the scent of our Snow Dog blend unfurling its steam. The sky isn’t even awake yet, and neither am I for that matter. My coffee, however, awaits my first sip as I look out over the sleepy town. Chilled, while even wearing a coat, I lift the cup to my lips and feel the warmth and flavor of the mild and earthy Snow Dog blend roll over in my mouth. Then I hear it, I wait and hear it again. Chirp. The sky is awakening. Hello Spring.